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5 Responses to “Ask the Dentist”

  1. Lin Bell Says:


    Do you do the procedures at your office or do you have dental techs do the procedures? I have always had dental hygienist clean my teeth but have recently had work done where I specifically had to ask that the dentist put the crown on as they were going to allow the techs to put them on. I have never had an experience like this. Is this common practice in Ohio. We moved from Illinois and that has not been my experience.

    Your office was recommended to me. This is my second dental office and I am still searching.


    • Hello Lin, I am sorry for the delay in replying to your question.
      We utilize our dental assistants ( techs) for many functions for which they are certified to do so… in the state of Ohio, only a dentist can seat a crown. We have in our office an EFDA which is an extended function dental assistant, which in the state of Ohio, can place fillings… but the dentist has to check the bite and complete the procedure. Every state differs with the realms of dental technicians… We hope you will come and visit our practice. We always welcome new patients.
      Milford Dental Excellence.

  2. Patricia Says:

    I just had an amazing visit at Milford Dental Excellence… They are so warm and friendly I didn’t want to leave… and the hygienist’s are very gentle and listen to my concerns and requests. I love this place!

  3. Mary K Says:

    Great thanks and appreciation to all the staff at Milford Dental Excellence. For the first time ever I felt relaxed while being at a dentist office. Everyone was very friendly, and thoughtful!
    Dr Reineck was very informative while addressing my dental needs… and Dr Reineck thank you for being as gentle as possible, while doing my root canal! You’re awesome, and you are the best dentist I ever had… you certainly have my trust!!
    Melissa the hygienist did a fantastic job cleaning my teeth, especially after years of not being able to visit a dentist office. My teeth actually have a sparkle to them now…wow!! Melissa was also very informative concerning my oral care, I didn’t feel any pain while she was numbing me…unreal! Thank you Melissa for the care you gave me, and the dental care goodie bag. I could tell you care. You’re the best number-upper I ever had other than Dr Reineck.

    Mary K

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