Dental Emergencies

July 9, 2007

 So what do you do if you knock out a tooth or break a tooth?

Our Milford Dentists want to help:


° Seek immediate help from Milford Dental Excellence. 

   Many knocked out teeth can be saved  if  cared for properly and re-implanted within   40– 60   minutes.                                                                                                                     

° Hold tooth by crown (not root) only.

° Rinse tooth; do NOT rub.  Avoid and contact with the tooth.              

°  Replace tooth in socket.  Cover with gauze                      

   or tissue and bite down to stabilize.  Or,    

   store tooth in milk or saltwater.  If these

   are not  available, hold tooth between

   cheek and gum.

°  Do Not allow tooth to dry out.


°  Clean the injured area;   apply ice to outer lip.

°  Contact the Milford Dental Excellence immediately if  major portion of the tooth  has fractured,  or if you see a pink area exposed.

°  Save the broken part—it may be  possible to reattach it.

The most important this is to NOT PANIC.  Our friendly dentists in Milford, Ohio are here to help.


WSIL in Southern Illinois reports that dentists check for more than cavities. In fact, they say that dentists can help diagnose and possibly help cure a long list of medical problems including acid reflux and kidney disease.

Make sure to call Milford Dental Excellence at 513-831-1446 to set up your appointment today. Our skilled and compassionate Milford dentists will improve your smile while offering a fun and non-threatening atmosphere. And remember, healthy gums lead to a healthy body.